About Flavio Cesarini

about artist Flavio Cesarini

Il Mondo delle Idee

Flavio Cesarini started painting during his study in architecture at the University of Florence.
He actually prefers oil color and digital media. When observing his artistic production a predilection for intuitive forms and strongly characterized figures can be easily discovered. Color is very important as well and is searched through several watercolor studies.
His landscapes are reminding Mediterranean hills or Dutch “polders”.
Recently the lays of color on his canvas are getting thicker. The forms are modeled with spatulas to create a sort of “stacciato”. The shadows get mixed with the colors, the surface is irregular and nervous.
Flavio Cesarini’s digital paintings are a sort of transposition of Benedetto Croce’s definition of art as intuition. Their production needs a patient photographic research, a great degree of abstraction and a capacity of synthesizing forms.
The videos are simply dreams.
Cesarini is also active as architect.
Paintings can be acquired directly from the artist and through Saatchi‘s site (limited selection).