Video Art

Laser Rata got a nomination at the one minute film award, a video art competition organized by the Amsterdam based Zandberg Institute. This video describes an evening of a group of friends. It was filmed during one beautiful Italian night and edited in two weeks.

Composition of leaves on a water surface. Experimental attempt to paint video frames in order to alter their meaning.

UrbAm. Images recorded in Urbino and Amsterdam. Water is the main character of this video.

fresco1. “Muri ai pittori” was Mario Sironi’s motto in the beginning of the XX century. Almost 100 years later, I tried that as well; in my atelier; once. It was a tuff experience (I mean physically). My respect to all the wall painters of the world!

THOUGHT THOUGHTS. Short video obtained with the use of animated elementary geometric forms and symbols.
Reprocess of fragments selected from the loops published on this site at the pages “Art is enjoyable” and “Simplicitas“.
By watching either the single fragments either this edited sequence, the viewer could reflect on the social, political and personal impact that edited content, spread through mass media, have on all of us.




This site shows some more moving images in the Simplicitas and the Art is enjoyable pages.